The Insidiousness of Getting By

​Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my finances and this blog. I had always intened to use this as a sounding board and to track my progress but the thing is that part of my problem is the insiduousness of the fact that week in and week out we just make due, making slow progress if any. This unfortunately translates to a lack of effort in many ways.

​When its not bad enough to make changes because all the obligations are met it becomes hard to make real progress forward. The stagnation that comes from just getting by is tough because at the end of the day there is no driving need to makel progress in a positive direction. For example last year I was able to for the first time save some money. I managed to get a whole months worth of bills saved up. This is mildly frightening because l turn 35 this year and have some debt but very little savings to show for it. Being able to make ends meet is great but if you find yourself in this situation while carrying debt you end up with the status quo and no push to fix any of the issues..

When you just get by you might be able to pay everything which makes it seem like everything is good but it isnt. I like to use myself as an example becase i know mysef and my situation. So what does getting by mean to me? It means that even years after starting this blog and wanting to get out of debt I’m still there. We have done a lot and had we not purchased an extra property that we would be in much better financial shape from a debt perspective. We have been able to pay everything while still keeping outlifestyle at a certain level This meant that we didn’t have any incentive to do more, there was no pressure because we were getting by.

​Getting by removes the need for action and without action forward progress will be slow at best.

​I think a lot of people get stuck in this situation where you are simply making ends meet maybe setting aside a little but at the end of the day they don’t have any savings and the possibility of loosing a job becomes a scary proposition. Retirement comes looming before they know it and then they have to keep working.

​The benefits of making due: you’re not falling further behind – most of the time.

​My wife and I have been stuck in this unfortunate situation for too long – we keep doing the same things over and over because there is no pressure to do anything different. The only way out is action and breaking the bad habits of the status quo. Thankfully I have this blog as a gentle reminder to keep trying and as a driver towards action.

Action is the key.

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