Slowing Down

The cruise control was set about 10km (about 6 miles/h) over the limit and I was being passed by people madly rushing too wherever they were going as if the world depended on it. You’d think they were all heart surgeons on their way to perform life saving surgery. But alas there isn’t that many surgeons in a rush where I live. So this just meant that there were simply a lot of people just rushing.

Today I conducted a bit of an experiment on the drive back from the cottage; that experiment was to slow down. I realized recently that I too had been rushing around like a mad man. Not only getting to where I was going but through life in general. So the experiment was to slow down, set the cruise control at a reasonable speed and just get to where I was going.

What was the result of this little experiment?

  • I still got to where I was going, maybe a touch slower.
  • I was able to pay more attention to the road and the surroundings.
  • I witnessed a beautiful sunset.
  • I saved a bunch of gas (my car has one of those fancy doo-dads that tells me its efficiency).
  • I had time to think.

In my thinking and quiet time I realized that I had been like one of those people rushing places. I hadn’t taken the time to enjoy life and my 60 hour work week came back to me in a sudden rush. My life was passing me by and I was the one at the drivers seat pushing myself beyond the limit and for what? An existence where I was just getting by and time was passing me by.

A question came to mind and that was how was this rushing affecting the rest of my life? What about my finances? my health? most importantly my daughter and wife? I don’t know the answer to all of those questions just yet but I know that in many parts of my life I am and have been in a rut, my finances are under control but not in great shape and it feels like I have nothing but work and sleep in my life. It became clear that it was time to slow down and start taking stock of things before my health was impacted (or before it was impacted too much).

There was no reason to speed along the highway of life and be one of those maniacs in a minivan driving 40km (25 miles) over the limit where a more reasonable speed would have gotten me there just as easily. At end of the day I don’t want to miss my daughter growing up or loose my health for what? What is the worst that could happen if I slow down?

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