I’m Alive I promise!

The last post I added through to this site was over 3 months ago and it was a very happy announcement about my promotion and since then there has been silence. Really I promise that the new role has not swallowed me whole but it does seem like it from time to time; I am alive and well and things are still moving forward albeit slowly.

Over the past 4 months I’ve really realized how much time and energy I’ve devoted to the work front and the rewards are not nearly as good as I would have thought they’d be. The experience has been good and its still ongoing but I’m starting to wonder how to find that right work life balance. In this thinking I’ve been thinking about a lot of things in life including the reason why I first started this site which is to get my finances under control. They’re much more under control than they were many years ago but they’re still not great.

In other news, this site was hacked and there are still a bunch of problems with it that I’m working to fix (please be patient if you see some oddities).

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