Let the renos begin!

We’ve got the new house and now the scary part begins! Why scary you ask? Well the house that we bought was for lack of a better term a frat house for old farts and they didn’t give a shit about the place and that would be putting it mildly. The house had 3 older men and one woman living in it along with 1 pug and a stray cat. The typical activity was smoking inside the house and drinking from what we were able to tell.

When we finally took possession of the house we decided to take a walk thru just to make sure that everything was left the way it should be. Upon opening the door the smell wafted out like a creature from the forgotten bogs, laced with fermented dog pee. Needless to say it was disgusting. But everything was intact and our project was about to start.

We bought the house because it was a good investment at the price, but it would need a lot of work and that work is now starting. We need to clean the place from top to bottom as a start then we have to completely gut the kitchen, bathroom, take out a wall and put in HVAC. That is to start with.

At this point you’re probably wondering if my wife and I have left the world of the sane and I am sure that in the next few weeks I will question that too. The good news is that the house will look awesome when everything is done and the property value should increase quite dramatically. Wish us luck!!

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