And there goes the job

Its been a while since I posted and I wanted to give an update: I’m now officially unemployed!

So what happened?

The company I was with decided that they need to make some cutbacks and unfortunately I was one of the cutbacks. I got a small package and here I am finding myself out of work with time on my hands.  Time to think, time to pause, time to get things around the house done and more importantly for me to figure out what really want to do and what is important to me.

I’ve taken some time to even post this up here but now I’m back; I’ve got the time and choosing to start posting again.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed so for is how much time I’ve gotten back, I know its a bit of an obvious comment being I’m not working. But being off has made me realize just how much we’ve been rushing through life for the past few years. There’s been no real benefit to being crazy busy other than getting older and missing out on the things that are important.

To take this a little further, we bought a new house in August of last year, and moved in in November with the house renovations still unfinished almost a year later. We were so busy that we couldn’t even fix up the drywall and paint the house. We didn’t even realize that the intense busyness was causing mild anxiety for my wife and I until I had the time, slowed down and finally fixed most things. We are again really enjoying where we live. Because I was able to slow down I solved something we didn’t even realize was bothering us.

And at the end of the day what were were financially okay at least for a reasonably amount of time and not in a drastic position with with only one income. So what’s next? At the end of the day time will tell, but figuring out what’s important and where we want to go will be key. Time to re-ignite passions and interests. Stay tuned – more to come!

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