Christmas cleaning – under the rug it goes

It’s that time of the year where more than likely, people will be coming to visit; even if they’re not a little voice in the back of your head tells you that the house should be clean. Which means it’s time for that inevitable Christmas cleaning. Everyone talks about spring cleaning but the reality is that it’s more likely to occur in December than in the spring.

But it’s not really cleaning, it’s just tidying to get the stuff out of the way. Yes, let’s not sugar coat it, the cleaning that occurs this time of year is meant to get our shit out of the way. It’s a particularly busy time of year with more things to do than normal so it’s understandable that we just tidy. But those are also the same reasons that make this a good time to purge, time for decisions is smaller, and you’ll feel so much better for de-cluttering. Unfortunately that maybe easier said than done.

I started our cleaning and I got a reminder of how much stuff we have around the house. It collects and piles up, we don’t see it on a day to day basis and then before we know it the crap and clutter has managed to make itself known. For those of you who are very compulsive about keeping your place clutter free, I am very jealous. Unfortunately for us this clutter only gets dealt with once in a while even though I’ve been trying to lessen the crap in the house over the years. It still seems to pile up.

I have a bit of a confession in this case because this year I’m not going to be much different than anyone else, I too will hide the clutter and make the place tidy. I am making some effort to de-clutter but that seems like a much larger job.

The really amusing thing about this winter cleaning tidying for the holidays is that we know there is more crap coming. For those of us who celebrate the Christmas holidays they’ve become so commercialized that most gifts now are knick-knacks that just pile up. Not to mention all of the wrapping and plastic that these gifts come in. All of it has to be dealt with, lest it too become clutter.

Our goal this year is to limit the amount of crap coming in. My wife even asked me what I wanted for Christmas, suggesting something that was practical. I have pretty much everything I need so this was a hard question, one I haven’t answered yet, mostly because I don’t want any more crap in the house.

But for now it’s back to the tidying and hopefully getting rid of some of the clutter if I can.

This year are you simply getting someone a knick-knack or are you taking the time to get them something they can use?


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