Life Throws Curve Balls

The lights of the MRI machine were shining brightly in my face as I quietly lay there getting my brain scanned for the second time in the past few months. I had a moment to reflect on the unbelievable events of this year.

When I last posted on here I was alluding to the fact that I was making some significant life changes, and I was. I had changed careers completely and I was quite excited about that and was planning to share it on here.

The Career Change: Its slowly moving forward.

Back in November of last year, I decided to change directions and become a Real Estate agent. I had gotten a package at the company I was with and the career I had for about 15 years was eating at me and there was nothing about it I enjoyed anymore. Too often I was pushing projects and people forward without any real meaning or purpose and work was overflowing into my time outside the office, including vacations. The timing was right to try something new. Over the last 10 or so years I have completed multiple major renos, house and cottage projects, and every time it felt really good to work on. The logical choice was to tie it to that while still using some of my previous skills; becoming a realtor seemed to fit all of the criteria.

After some research and a few months of classes and exams, I did it! At the end of March I officially had my Realtors license. In April I started slowly and the learning curve was huge!

Little did I know there was much more in store for me than that. As we know life has a tendency to throw us curve balls when we least expect them, and I was just about to get real doozy.

Life lined me up and threw me one hell of a curveball.

Mid morning on mother’s day, my life changed, I had a stroke! At the age of 37! I knew something wasn’t right when I couldn’t talk clearly and water wasn’t staying in my mouth and dribbling down my chin. Off to emerge stat! I ended up being a statistical rarity and I had a stroke at a young age with relatively minor effects. Thankfully the affects were limited and with time the doctors expect I’ll have 100% recovery (or close to it). I was in relatively good health I thought; I did smoke but nothing else seemed out of whack.

Though I hadn’t gone to the doctor in 10 years, which is never a good thing.

Well everything wasn’t fine, I had runaway hypertension, and my smoking and general lifestyle weren’t helping. Working all the time with no time for taking care of my self and exercise was merely a half formed idea. After so many years of abuse something gave out but I’m still here. That’s the good news and it truly is good news; now its time to realize what’s important in life and treat this curveball seriously and make changes.

At the end of the day all of the stuff in the world doesn’t really matter; driving yourself extremely hard to collect more and barely being able to keep up with the payments isn’t a healthy way to live. Life is short and fleeting don’t get stuck doing what you don’t want. Never ever forget to live your life.

So I’m back and still getting better week by week and month by month.   The real estate career is slowly moving forward and we’ll see where it goes. My health is getting to a much better place and with diligence and care hopefully it will be for decades to come. I have a new perspective on a lot of things and the value of things; material things do not have nearly the same pull and relationships with family and friends mean a whole lot more. Above all if you do not have your health you have nothing.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that’s huge – I’m so glad that you have a good recovery prognosis; health really is everything. Do take care of yourself as well as you can.

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