2015 The year of Recovery

January is the holy month for gym owners; loads of people make new years resolutions to work out. They sign up at the gym, go twice and then pay for it for 6 more months. Gym owners love it!

By itself coming up with goals at the beginning of the year is a great idea; one I try to do each year. At some point this morphed into giving each year a theme (an idea that was probably borrowed from better bloggers and writers then myself). I believe that instead of just coming up with goals and having a driving purpose as a direction for the goals is a much stronger approach. It gives purpose where a individual goals may not really have that same oomph and can help you push through to achieving them.

To illustrate this; when I was 25 I was working and in debt, I didn’t have a university degree and this bugged me. So much so, that I went back to school while working full time. I managed to pull it off with amazing success. I got so much done in those three years it astounds me to this day and I attribute it to having a driving purpose.

There has to be a purpose before there are goals.

This year will be a year of recovery for me and I’ve used that in the past but it has a more meaning for me now.

When I say year of recovery, in my head I have an image of a weak and frail person slowly recovering, getting their strength back by doing simple exercises over and over. The idea behind the word recovery is for me associated with to health. Based on how the last year went and where I am, I think tying everything to health and recovery is extremely appropriate.

I am at a point where like that recovering person I need to build back up in many areas, to truly recover. Here are my thoughts on the various areas of my life and how they’ll all tie back to the theme:

Health – This is a broad moniker because it has so many facets. But each one is valid and ties back to recovery. My actual health will continue to get better and I will make sure keep the recovery going. Along with just health comes diet and exercise because without them you can’t have good health. All three need to be better and will be in 2015.

Emotional – This is a hard category for me to write about and define because I am not an overly emotional guy, the goal here is to by happy, unstressed and in a good spot. I also want to tackle some of the demons that have held me back like fears.

Mental – again this can be a very broad category but to me it seems that I have lost a bit of the mental challenge that I had in my life previously. I want to recover some of this and mentally challenge myself in 2015. I have loads of ideas how to do this but trying to do much won’t work either. Stay tuned while I define it more.

Financial – at the end of the day, I’ve been out of work for over year (partly by choice and partly due to health). This has left our finances a bit battered and beaten. They need to recover. This will tie back to my career, which will have to be dusted off while still pursuing real estate.

Family – Like health family is one of those things that can easily be neglected and put to the side in our busy lives. I don’t think we need to recover anything here but we can make it better and I don’t want to forget it.

Social – growing and maintaining relationships with friends and acquaintances is something we all need to do (even if we don’t know we’re doing it). This past year I was forced to slow down and look at my life and I don’t think I’ve been quite as good at this as I used to. Friends can be neglected in the ebbs and flows of daily life. But like family you also have to keep them up; your friends are part of your support network.

Now these aren’t specific goals in and of themselves, those I want to break down and get more granular with as needed. Also many of these categories overlap with each other so the idea for the year is to recover in general and get better in all.

Looking at it from a more holistic point of view. My limbs and organs don’t each live in a vacuum, they all work integrated into the whole. In the same way you can’t just look at a single part of your life and compartmentalize it. I know people who have tired but it doesn’t work well.

Welcome to my year of recovery.

And now back to your regularly scheduled personal finance blog…

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