You Blink and a year passes…

It seems that if you blink, life passes you by. It’s been almost a year and a half since I posted on here and all I can say is it feels like I was posting only yesterday. Life has this habit of going crazy fast when you least expected it. On the good side I remain healthy, my daughters healthy, happy, and growing like a weed, and I’m still happily married to my wonderful wife.

I started this blog many moons ago with grandiose ideas that never came to fruition but, I always seem to keep coming back to the idea and premise of the site. Personal finance and how I, or I should say we (as a family), grapple with it. Trying to make ends meet and trying to get ahead all too often feels like a challenging task when it shouldn’t be.

As I’m nearing my 40s now, the constant treadmill of life and what seems like the lack of forward in motion brings me back to the essence of the site even more.

With that said, I am going back to regular posting on this site with the challenges that I’m facing now and how I’m dealing with them. I’m also finding the daily treadmill or grind is actually weighing on me and I think that’s some of the elements of personal finance can help; help alleviate and help get us out of some of this.

So the site is back up, I’m back, stay tuned for more.

On an administrative note: The site has been hacked and I am working to fix this, in the meantime comments have been turned off.

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